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Q :   What is e-commerce
- E-commerce is simply a term used to describe conducting retail business through the internet. Nowadays many businesses crowd the online market. It’s a big hit to introduce your products and transact orders and payment online. In order to do so, they will need to have some sort of shopping cart script in order to display their products and allow customers to submit orders. Tojary will provide you a complete option and control for online orders and transaction. In order to secure your server so that sensitive information, like credit card information, is secure when sending over the internet, you will wish to purchase and install an SSL certificate for additional security.
Q :   How to install Tojary
- You don’t have to worry on installation process, tojary team will take over and gives you your access to your shop to get started. You just have to choose what design you like for your shop, your logo and some details to display on your online shop.